4287b-holbav2b252812529Hi, my name is Adrian! I’m the man behind the Lost in Nature project. Through this project I express my emotions of love and respect for nature and people. I wandered a long time searching for my picturesque roots. And after years of smiling, laughing, crying and wondering, I understood how beautiful the life is. I became a young backpacker. I know I do not have a house or a table, but I have a family so big that everywhere I feel I am at home. The love for nature has solidified in me that the carpathian cod have become my lungs, the hearts vibrate like the mountains in me, my blood flows like the holy Danube and the silence reminds me of the wintry Bărăgan. I am a young dreamer influenced by the colors of nature and her energy. A romantic, who lives to understand the static world and who goes on uncharted roads. A man who paints in words and writes in color. I hope I can inspire you to see the beauty of this beautiful planet. Just be open mind my friend!