Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Brasov (Parental love)

It’s a pleasure for me to tell you my journey in Romania. Two years ago I’ve decided that from now on I will choose the path of traveling and discovering new cultures instead of a monotonous life. In time my addiction for new lands has grown bigger and bigger with everyday passing by.
My first big plan brought me to Burzenland or as it’s know in Romania ”Țara Bârsei”. I didn’t know where to start from, so I’ve decided that the first city that I would visit will be the first city where I could find a guide. And my luck has brought me to Brașov. It wasn’t my first time there. But now I tried to stay with locals, to understand more about the people from the area. And it was a pleasure, a unique experience which I will never forget.
As the proverb says,”Man consecrates the land’’ this is how the city of Brașov is. I have found everywhere people which talked to me kindly and they allways helped me with guiding and advising.
People from Romania know that the Transylvania region has many good locals. But meeting them in person makes you think ‚”Man, they are so kind”. Is this real or I’m dreaming! ’ Yes, God has also created good people.
As I already said earlier my main reason for choosing Brașov  was related to the fact that I contacted a nice mate who offered to help me see the city like a local. Although at the beging we planed just to visit the city  I got very hungry and I asked him where can I find a nice place to eat. But he insisted to go with him at his parents to eat some warm food. I knew that it was a great idea, but I felted weird. A stranger was so kind with me for nothing. I’m grateful, that’s why I went with him and met his parent. It was at that time the best decision I’ve ever taken in my travels.
– Man let me call my parents to heat the food. I will not let you eat from a shitty fast-food. I will not just leave you like that.
– C’mon man! It was a good day for me. We visited some cool places in Brașov. For Christ’s sake you have finally helped me discover the twine street, but I feel strange to be helped by you so much.
– Don’t worry Adi. I spoke with my parents yesterday about you and your project and they will be happy to meet you. Stay calm my friend.
And so it was, his mother waited us in a little lobby apartment. It was a plesure to see a warm mother who was happier for her guest than for her child. On the other side Dan’s father stood just like an oak in the bedroom door. He didn’t say anything. I was a little bit scared. The man was watching me like a hawk.
– Come, come boys she said. I made for you a good beans soup. I just stopped the fire.
– Aaa, thank you mom! said Dan to his mother.
– Adi do you like beans soup!? If you don’t like it I have something else.
What was I supposed to say? I was starving, I would have eaten anything.
– Thank you ma’am! The soup is perfect. I told Dan I’m hungry and I don’t fuss.
– Ooo. How could you let the boy like this?
– Aaa, we visited the city and after we came here.
– Ma’am, I apologise, but this was my idea. It’s pointless to scold Dan.
– Well, so you would stay outside undernourished?
– No ma’am. We could have found a solution.
– Woman let the boys relax. Can’t you see they are tired?
From that moment the show had a new star, Dan’s father. He gave us a glass of bilberry liqueur and welcomed me to Brașov.
– Adi, my boy, welcome to Brașov! And he drank the liqueur in a second.
I knew that will be a special night right from the moment when I saw him. But I was happy to discover a beautiful character.
At the beginning I’ve found out that Dan’s father was born in Bucharest. He told us about the problems he had with the new ID, but I was surprised because he didn’t complain a second about it. He knew he had half of the fault. But he realized that from now on he must be more careful with his documents. And advised me to do the same.
After the second main course he changed the topic and I got very happy. He told us about his experience in the army.
In the communist era the army was compulsory. So, every man who had 18 years was enrolled and sent nearly a year in the army.
– My boy, the first time after I joined the army I was sent somewhere close to Teleorman. We had the basic training. It wasn’t so bad, although it was the army. I wasn’t anymore at my parents. After the basic training and some free days my company was sent to the Jiu Valley or as it was known among soldiers, ’’ The Weeping Valley’’.
– Why sir? I asked him so shocked.
– Let me tell you a thing. We ware leaving the mine everyday exactly the way you have the blouse, black. Only our teeth could have be seen. It was very hard for us. But we didn’t work just like a real miner. We only helped them.
I remember one day the boss of the mine was giving some indications and a small earthquake started. Nobody was harmed, except for him. He was trapped between two big boulders and I saw how he gave his last breath. The people respected him so they brought him out. Many of the miners died in the mine in that era.
”I see it everytime” he spoked about the mine memories and had a sadness respect on his face.
It was a honor for me to listen untold stories from that period. Because where I was born, this kind of stories don’t exist. And to hear about this things it makes me realize that right now our generation is so, so lucky.
Now, at the end of this story I will let you with some good words said by madame Silvia.
’’My boy, travel, as much as you can. You are young. You don’t have to worry. Because right now you don’t have any obligations or responsibilities. Some of you finished a college. Good for you. But don’t think that right now you are adults and right now you must have a house and stuff. Yes, in time you will have, but now it’s not the time for that. Now you must travel, meet people, make friends, see places, live the moment. Because nobody knows if you will have that chance again. TRAVEL, AS MUCH AS YOU CAN’
If you liked the story, don’t hesitate to share with you’re friends or family. Support the project, if you think that it deserves. And I invite you to read the next story from Prejmer or to see the pictures from Transylvania. Take care, my friends!

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