Adventure in homeland – Transylvania, Targu Mures (Paint, Whisky and Rock&Roll)

After my  last night in Sibiu, when I stayed until morning driking and having a good time with my new friends it was kind of hard to wake up  the next morning. But I’ve tried hard to do that because if I wasn’t awake  at seven a clock I would have missed the bus. So when I went to sleep. I’ve put my phone  under my pillow and the alarm sound so loud in to my ear  the next morning. It was so loud that I thought I even woke up the hole house. Not just my roommate. When I opened my eyes I wasn’t so fresh I felt like a zombie. I went to the bathroom making a slalom through my clothes and backpacks. It was such a chaos that I fell down twice.
I don’t know why the falling didn’t hurt me. It was because I was so tired or it was because of the alcohol that has got stucked in my veins. Probably a bit from both. Next thing I did was to wash my face with cold water and sudently I felt like my face touched a big iceberg, not just the simple water.

After this sudden awakening I realised I wasn’t anylonger sleepy, but by contrary fully awake. Even if I was fresh my roommate was way more active than me after she saw what the timing of the clock showed. It was like I was watching  ”the flash” doing his preparations for a trip. In just five minutes this women made what I’ve done in a half an hour. I will say I was a bit gelous over her performance. After that, we put ourselves on the road, but we were like two small frozen people. It was so cold outside that all the windows I saw were transformed into pure ice. We just rush through this winter. When we arrived on the train station we said good bye to each other and then we went eachone to his own path. From than on  my path took me to Târgu Mureș.

Here, I learned one of my best lesson about multicultures in Romania. Yes, I stayed in a romanian house, but on the streets in most of the cases. I’ve heard people speaking in magyar. This wasn’t a problem. I knew that here a  small part of the population is made of romanians. So it don’t boder me at all. And even tho I am romanian, I was respeced because I asked in a polite way for help. It is true, not many romanians act like me when they arrive here, in this land. But learning from the highschool about history of this region I understood that I must respect every kind of culture, exactly like I want my culture and myself to be respected. So I wasn’t offended when a person would talk to me  in his native language and after that in romanian. It was kind of beautiful because I felt I wasn’t in my country anymore.  

This feelings and colors made Romania such a unique country. I know I will probably say it more often but Romania in my vision, after this journey, it’s like a minicosmopolit country. At the north you can meet ukraine mentality, at the west and in the center a big population of magyar live with many romanians. In the south-west the serbian influence it’s very considerable. On the south the friendship with bulgarians is seen at every step and on the east we have the moldavian gate.

This small country it’s the birth place of 19 milion people. Regardless of nationality, sex or religion, this country knows how to live in harmony. Speaking of harmony, that was my feeling when I stood at my host, Anca.

As i said it earlier, my host was a romanian girl. I was just a bit upset by the fact that eventhough I stood in a hungarian region I was hosted by a romanian. I am not saying that i do not like romanians, I am just saying that it would have been nice to be hosted by a hungarian person. I hoped I will find a hungarian local, but after that night I do not regreate a second spend around my host. But by contrary, during this journey she was one of the most open minded host I’ve had in the hole country. I arrived at her place around  six a clock and she was at home with her little sister. I spend some time waiting outside until she arrived, because she didn’t hear my phone call. She was cleaning the hole flat and the vacum noise with the music sounds made it imposible to hear the phone.

By a miracle, after half a hour she was curious and checked her phone. When I entered at her place I tried to be very polite and I’ve asked her if  I may sleep for a bit. I was very tired. She didn’t hesitate, but she told after that that she was not expecting me to go to sleep so early.

– Anca, he has a funny way of talking. He isn’t from Transilvania, right? That’s what her little sister asked her.
– No. He came from Bucharest. That was the last conversation I’ve heard before I went to sleep. That did not bother me, but it made me laugh a bit. From Bucharest to Târgu Mureș there are less than 400 kilometres, but the difference between people it’s an enormous one. The south culture had a few commune things with other regions from Romania. And this comparation it’s available for every region.

It was a blessing for me to meet and stay at Anca home. After the night when I had my beauty sleep she welcomed me with french fries and transylvanian souse, a good ”palinca” and on the morning with a glory red wine. The meal was simple, but perfect and at the right time. 
At the meal we tried to talk and know each other. That talk was so surprisingly good for me because I understood that here the teenagers are more mature in comparation with others romanian from south or east. Probably the local culture made them more mature then others. But it was a pleasure for me to have a conversation with a 14 years girl about difference between XVII century Transylvania and XXI century.  I was expecting to have this conversation with Anca, not with her sister. But this was a beautiful surprise. After that Anca told me that the owner of her place will came on a visit. It was allright for me because the more people I meet, the more curious I was.

Five minutes bassed by, but I didn’t how they flew since Anca and myself  had a good conversation about her job and suddently Claudiu apperead on the kitchen door,but  we didn’t notice. He didn’t say anything, he just watching us, until Anca turned her face at him. After this he asked me if I’m the new guest. I answerd yes and after that the fun time began.

– We drank all night annd he gave me a whyskey bottle as a gift. I didn’t refuse him, he smiled at me so nice, and I couldn’t resist it. His ofer was so good for me. Bit by bit, glass by glass we went to know eachother quite much. We had the same college, he even worked for a radio station for a little time. And on that period I was in college and  working for a radio station. Both of us had a big pleasure of make photography and traveling. At that moment Anca interrupted us and told us
– Boys if you need a room I have two. Claudiu you know better. It’s your place, I’m just passing . The joke was so good, that no one was disturbed by it.
– Don’t worry Anca, we just talk and drink. Like adults. I don’t know if you know that feeling.

At a certain time the drinks made their job and I went to the restroom. When I’ve returned in the kitchen on the table I found a one metre pizza.  It was so big that at the beginning I thought it was the tableclouth, after I stayd on the couch I saw the pizza. I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything for a few seconds. I was speechless.

– Hei, dude, if you want you can eat. It’s for everybody, don’t be shy. Said Claudiu to me.
– We have pizza even for tomorrow. I respond to him. That’s all I could say after I saw that humangas pizza.
– Don’t worry about the food. You can take some slides if you want for tomorrow, on the road. Said Anca.
The morning came and we listened to esome rock concerts on the internet. This people from transylvania have good music taste. We spoke about rock music the hole morning, until I went to sleep. The music was our language in the morning.
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Adventure in homeland – Transylvania, Sibiu (Beautiful memories)

The second time when I arrived in Sibiu it was my second couchsurfing experience. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had until now. One of the reasons was because after this travel, me and Sebastian, my host from Sibiu, became good friends. Is one of the few persons I trully respect for what he is doing with his life.
But coming back to our story. Sibiu became my soul city in Romania. Everyday from than I’m still thinking at Sibiu. I’m so nostalgique. The air, the buildings, the people, I miss everything. The city has done with me something that Bucharest couldn’t do in six years. It transformed me in a calm and relaxed person. The architecture of Sibiu reflexes more to an old town, a museum in a big form rather than a contemporary city.
When I arrived in Sibiu I texted Sebastian so that he may know that I was in the city. Even if my first plan was to visit half of the city alone and after visit the rest with him.
His response was surprisingly positive. He told me not to worry, it would be a big pleasure for him to show me the unknown parts of the town. It was cool for me. I really like to see a place through the eyes of a local. So, his answer made my day. But it wasn’t enough for me. So I visited the city respecting my first plan. And I started with the icon of the city, Piața Sfatului. Here I experienced the best Christmas of my life. Right now, unfortunately I arrived on a cloudy day. It was raining. I felt it, but that’s how nature is. You are powerless in front of her.
Never mind, the rain can’t stop me from visiting a place like this. I enjoyed every minute spend in Sibiu. I sat down on a bench and I just watched how people walked in front of me. The feeling was just a pure relaxation. Here the locals are used with tourist. Sometime they would even salute me back or others just smiled at me back. After this experience I ask my self if I am somehow in Romania or not. They are not so warm, but they are so kind and educated, this is why they are so respected in the world. I truly love this type of locals. I prefer a person with few words and good mind than a funny guy with many faces.
Anyway, after I spent more than a half an hour just watching people I stood up and I walked to the highest point in Sibiu, on the evangelical church. The background was so gray that it was almost frightening. But I tried to see the colorful side of this picture.
When I entered in the church I found here few tourists waiting for the guide. I didn’t know that I will have a guide in this church. I was used without them like in Burzenland. But after I saw the tower I realized why we needed a guide here. The bridge between the main stairs and the stairs of the tower ware made from rusty metal. If we didn’t have a guide who would encourage us many of us would have given up before we would of reached the top of the church. But after I arrived at the top of the tower I was so proud of myself. The view was amazing,I was speechless. The tower had six small windows from where you could see the city and all around it. Through one of the window I’ve seen the most beautiful view in my life.
Not just as a traveler, but as a human bean. The mountain was covered on the top by snow and at the bottom of it the village was alive. Seeing them from the top of the tower the people looked like small ants, hard working for a better life. The colors were so diverse. On the top the pure white conquered the mountain and on the other side, at the base the mountain it was so green because of the beautiful trees who rise from the fertile soil.
The tourists around me understood my feeling. No one said a word when they were on the top of the tower. Even the guide at one moment told us we can talk. It was allowed but we were astonished. The church tower succeeded to scary me like shit, but at the same time it succeeded to make me the happiest person at that time. I was so proud to be born in such a gorgeous country as this one. Yes, I’m not from Transylvania, but I feel that the mountains are in my soul. The rivers flood my veins with every second in this heavenly country. After this beautiful revelation I called Sebi. He was at lunch and he told me after it he will have some free time. After we talked at the phone we decided that we will meet at the big market. I didn’t wait for him to much, but he was kind of dizzy.
– My friend do you want to do something right now? I will be honest with you, you will not be the only guest of mine.
– No, I visited what I wanted to visit. We can go everywhere you want. And it’s ok with me.
– Cool. Let’s go to that bookstore. Near us it was a little bookstore. In front of that store I saw two distinct girls. But I wasn’t sure this two girls would have something in commune with us.
– Girls, I’m Sebi! We talked on the internet.
– Oo, Yes! We did, the curly girl said. I’m Maria and she is Stela.
– Nice to meet you. I want you to introduce you to one of my guest for tonight, Adrian. We will have a good experience. Sebastian said at the end.
Now, after we meet all four of us, we went to Sebi’s place to leave our luggage and relax for a moment. On the long walk to Sebi’s place we had the pleasure to talk with each other, to learn more about each other. Maria, was born in Paraguay and at that time she was a student in Bologna. Stela was from Bremen and she was a good friend of Maria’s. They meet in the Erasmus project. The view around us was marvelous. Sibiu is that type of city where you find more houses than blocks. Raised in Muntenia when I think of a city in my mind immediately images with blocks, gray background and trafic pop. Here everything it’s on contrary. The traffic it’s an unknown word in the local vocabulary. The blocks are those houses which communism tried to populate here. But they didn’t succeed. The background is so green from the forrest. You must be a foul not to love this picture.
When we arrived at Sebi’s place we found a beautiful small house with one floor built on a hill. The garden was in the valley and every time when I went outside I felt like I was on the top of the mountain looking down at the nature. That feeling was so amazing.
We didn’t stay to much time in the house because we went with Sebi in a city tour. He wanted to show us the least visited places in the city, but with an interesting story. We had three hours to do this together, because in the night time Stela had to catch a flight to Bremen.
Our tour started in the old part of the city. Sebi brought us where I finished my personal tour. He took us to the bridge of lies and from there to the valley of the unknown. It was more of a cultural tour than a tourist route. Our host show us the scouts headquarters or the signs on the walls. At the end of the route we said our goodbyes to Stela and we went back again at Sebi’s place.
There when we arrived we found Sebi’s roomates, Vali and Cristian. All three of them were students at teathre. And the house was a beautiful chaose filled with musical instruments, books and loots of clothes. Many of them were theatrical props.
– Hey guys, they are our guest for tonight. They are Maria and Adrian.
– Hey, Vali! He was so tall and in good shape, I even thought that he was Vlad the Impaler. It was a funny coincidence because he was repeating for this role. When we opened the door of the house we found him having a speech in front of the book shelf. The four of us didn’t spend so much time because the guys went at the teather. They had rehearsal for a play. So I and Maria stood a few hours alone and had some relaxation in that beautiful house. At the begging we just chilled, talking and watching videos. But in the evening we went outside looking for a good thank you gift for our host.
We walked like an hour in the old city looking all around us and talking about everything. When suddenly I saw a wine store and I said to Maria that the wine solves all the problems. When we entered in the store I discoverd the most beautiful place in Sibiu. We had to choose between Merlot and a Cabernet or between Sauvignon and a Pinot Gris. The smell inside was a divine one. It was like all the fruits had allready been smashed in front of you.
That night when we arrived home we found out that Sebi had allready came. So, our little surprise was no more a surprise. But he was happy anyway.
The end of the day was memorable. After a couple glasses of beer, wine and some palinca we created a beautiful language which had three words in romanian and one word in english. ”Bacchus” made our tongues so twisted that we understood each other just by staring at each other.
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Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Sanpetru and Harman (Simple people, but funny people)

In my last experience in the world of fortified churches I experienced three funny moments. This time I tried to visit in just one day two towns. I do that because both of the towns are very close. Between ten kilometers. First stop was in Sânpetru village. I didn’t arrive in town to give up so easy, so I had to waste some time somewhere. But because the place was to small I was looking for anything to do. And when I’m saying anything I mean it. I know, the best option was to go to a hotel bar or a pub. I walked through the village for some time, but I didn’t find anything. It was a little bit frustrating. I’m a jerk if I will say that I was sad, but at that time I just wanted to drink a cup of hot tea with fruits.
After half an hour of walking I said to myself I must ask someone to help me. I entered in a pharmacy and I found two women. At the desk the pharmacist had an odd face. I don’t know why I insist to ask her. Probably because of the clothes. That medical coat made me think I must trust her. She knows things. But after she opened her mouth I realized I’m talking to no one.  Thank God that the other lady in the room was more open-minded than the pharmacist.
– Good morning! Excuse me it’s there any place here where I can drink a glass of wine or a cup of tea?
– Good morning! Aaa, It’s a small wine seller here, but there you can only buy wine, not drink it.
– Noo, ma’am. Sorry, but I have to wait a couple of hours until I can actually visit something and I really want to waste time and drink something. I was very dissapointed, I thought that the transylvanians are  exceptional  romanians, but no one is perfect.
– No, no. He wants to drink at the bar, the other woman said to the pharmacist. Boy if you follow the main road after five hundred meters you will find a place called Bielmann. There is the nicest hotel in town. But  I know there it is more like a restaurant rather than a bar. But if you want to waste time here, that’s your place.
At the first time I avoided her, but than I realized I was a fool. That middle aged women sent me at the best hotel I’ve ever seen.  Already from the entrance I was surprised and amazed. The reception was at the bar. The bartender had to do two jobs. But here, in this small place this wasn’t a hard job. But by contrary it was a pleasure for him, because tourists come rarely and when they came they would have patience.
– Good morning, he welcomed  me having a impecable white shirt.
– Hi! Can I drink here a cup of tea?
– Yes, of course! It will be our pleasure. I was like a small kid at his birthday. I love very much when I’m in a elegant place and I’m treated exactly like I would treat others.
– Thanks mate! Then I want a fruit tea if you have.
– Sure, and after that he went to the espressor and started the hot water. I saw your backpack. You are a traveler I think.
– Yes. Guilty, and after that we laugh. Can you tell me something.
– Of course. What?
– Are there many tourist coming here or is it an underrated place?
– Ooo, I see what you want to know. We have some waves of tourists. But it’s not like in Prejmer or Viscri.
– Understood. My name is Adrian by the way.
– Claudiu. Nice to meet you. And then we had a relaxed conversation. I saw he realised that he can talk with my like a friend, not like a stranger. What brings you here? He asked me.
– I had a plan to visit five fortified churches around Brașov. I was at Prejmer, Codlea, Ghimbav and today I hope I can finish visiting Sânpetru and Hărman.
– Nice. Really nice. Friend can I tell you an advise?
– Please.
– Stay more time alone in the churches and fell the vibe of the walls. Few tourists do that today and they don’t realise what places they visit.
– I will do it, my friend. I’m a traveller , not a tourist. I fell what you want to say. I have the same opinion.
After this good advise Claudiu and I continued to talk more about the bar and restaurant. I was curious to hear the story of this place. He told me that the hotel was build after 90’s by a german dude. And since then the town in summer has many german tourists who come to see the birthplace of their parents or grandparents. It’s like a tradition today for many to came back  every year.
This kind of stories you hear just from locals. That’s why I like to talk with locals. After two hours and a half I said goodbye to Claudiu and I went back on the road.
The second funny moment I had was at a place near the church that I wanted to visit. I was there with my tripod and tried to take a good picture of the church when a gypsy dude came at me and curiously asked me if I do cadastres even for houses. In his lack of knowledge he didn’t realize I’m photographing the church. He associate the tripod with a topographer. I don’t blame him. I answered to him kindly that I’m a photographer and I’m not his solution for his problem.
Than he was a little bit ashamed and he apologized for the mistake. It was a bit funny how happy he was when he saw me. He thought he found God…


Speaking of God. I want to thank Him for all the good people who helped me on my voyage in Burzenland. On my last town in this gorgeous land I couldn’t arrive if He didn’t helped me to find two good men. I was on the road outside the town. Guided by the GPS and looking for a path to Hărman. When suddenly from a hill  two old men came. They tried to push an old Dacia car. But the field was so bad that they couldn’t move  an inch that slow car.
– Hey, boy! Can you help us  move this goddamn car?
– Sure. I will try my best. But you can see I’m not in a good shape.
– Don’t worry kid. In our company you are like a little Hercule.
– Haha! Than I will help you with  true pleasure. One of the elders remained at the wheel and the other one came back with me and we tried to push the blue car. We pushed it for a couple of seconds and finally we’ve put back the car on the road.
– God bless you my son. Thank you for your help.
– It’s my pleasure sir. Take care of you. But before you go. Can you help me with a small information?
– You help me first, so it’s my time now. And he moves his hat back.
– Where must I go to find a path to Hărman?
– Child go on this hill and after 25 minutes you will see the town. First you will see the church.
– That’s tremendous. For the church I’m going there.
The walk on the that hill was an unique experience. It was more like a walk in fairy tails. At every step in the woods I would dream that I see forest creatures. Every little bird was like a little composer. I loved it with my howl spirit I followed the old man’s advise.
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Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Ghimbav (The Fortress of the Thirty Souls)

The third experience of mine in Burzenland brings me again in Brașov, at my favorite family. After a month I came back at my friend, Dan. He was so happy to see me again. But much happier ware his parents. I felt so blessed to be appreciated by some nice and beautiful guys.
I arrived in Brașov kind of late. It was before midday and on that day Dan was free from work. So we have chosen to stay in the city and the next day I will be going to Ghimbav. In Brașov we stood in a bar and we told stories. After our little chit-chat we visited again the little fortress of Brașov and watched it from up the Tâmpa peak. It was amazing as always. In front of our eyes it was the old city and in the back it was the mountain. Even if you’re not a nature lover here you will realize how gorgeous the Earth is.
After this beautiful day Dan and I went back at his parents place to eat and rest. At home we found just his mother. Dan’s father was at work, for the night shift. Again, it was a true pleasure for me to talk with madam Silvia.This lady teached me in two days more than anybody in three years in Bucharest. She is a great woman with a great life experience. After many stories and advises I went to bed, not the other, but on next day I had to catch a bus at the first hour of the morning. And I’m not used to waking up early.
When I arrived in Ghimbav I had a deja-vu. The fortified church was near. The streets were empty. At that hour all the people who were not sleeping were in bar drinking coffe or liquer.  I took the classic route around the wall, seeking an open door. But that is for another day. I found nothing. The frustration was so big. As if nobody was  there. So I started asking people on the bar if anybody had an idea how can I see the church. Who guards the church. Nobody knows. Nice! I went outside, I sat on a bench thinking. And from nowhere an old man came at me and told me that he can save me.
– Hey boy! Morning. I heard you want to visit the church.
– Yes! You know how can I visit the church? I was asking surprinsed and happy that I found him  but more ,or less, he found me.
– Yes. Right now I am heading towards the guardian of the church. If you want we can go together. It’s quite near, here and there you can talk with him
– Ooo, sir you saved my day. I was very sad, because I didn’t  know how can I see this place and the people from here told me to wait until twelve a clock.
– Don’t worry boy! It isn’t necessary to wait three hours. We’ll walk together and Michael will help you. He’s a nice fellow.
After we pass through three houses we arrived at a yellow, small, rustic house with a big garden. I assumed that was Michael’s house. The old man open the gate and entered in the garden. Right at that moment a dog started barking. I’m not afraid of dogs, but that beast wasn’t a dog but a Cerberus.
– Aaa, son I think you might want to wait outside. The dog wants to play and you don’t want to know how.
– I’m agreeing with your father. I will gladly wait outside. It’s not a problem for me. And than we laughed.
When I closed the gate I heard someone yeeling ‚Michael’. It was obvious, the old man appealed at the first channel of communication, yelling. After eight-nine minutes of waiting our man came out.
– Hi. You must be the curious kid who wants to visit the church.
– Yes. I hope I didn’t disturbe you. I just want to see the church.
– Don’t worry my child. Anyway I had some business in the garden. So it’s my pleasure to help you.
– Michael, take care my friend. See you later!
– Yeah man. Have a good day. Servus!
– Ciao boy. Have a good trip and enjoy your moments here.
– I will sir. Thank you again for your help.
– It was a pleasure, child. Said the old man who helped me.
After that I saw that my guide, mister Michael, had a whatever behavior. But he was so positive and friendly with me. He just did not have the same energy as mine. But I excepted this problem since he was the best guide in Burzenland.
– Is this the first fortified church that you’re visiting?
– No, I was in Prejmer and Codlea.
– Ooo, I see. So you know something about this type of churches.
– I read something about it. But about Ghimbav I know nothing. Is it something special about this place?
– Yes. But the special thing it’s kind of sad. Today, this place has just thirtieth people who came here to pray.
– Just thirtieth! Am I hearing this right?
– Yes. Unfortunately after the communism was established in Romania many of the german from this area left Romania for East Germany.
– Wow, more than one thousand people left the town!
– It’s like today. Many romanians left Ghimbav for any western european country.
– That’s true. You’re right sir. I said these words with sadness.
– I’m old, but for a good reason. I lived my life with wisdom.
– Sir, I’m curious. Everybody here talks to you with Michael, not Mihai. Why? Are you not romanian?
– No. I’m Magyar. I’m the only magyar guardian of a german church in this land.
– Ooo! That is a nice fact. Nice to meet you sir.
– My pleasure kid. By the way, I didn’t know your name boy.
The experience in the church was like the floating experience. With another church seen I wasn’t so scared anymore. I got used with the feeling. And mister Michael was a true man with an unique character.
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Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Codlea (A Utopian Community)

If in Prejmer I told you how great and nice the staff treated me, here you will hear a different side of the story. I was a bit sad when I experience this, but it wasn’t my first time meeting a bad character in a good position of the country. It all began when I arrived near to the old church of the town. But all the doors were closed, so after I searched for an open door, I started asking people.
At that hour many of the people were at the bar. In a small place as this town you do not have many things to do, so you chat with friends and drink at the only bar from the village. I opened the door and an old guy from my right looked at me like a stranger who came with a gun pointed at him. I walked to the bartender and asked him if he knew how can I enter in the church.
– Hello, good morning fellow one! Do you have any idea how can I enter in the church?
– It’s closed!
– Yes. I have checked it two times and I didn’t find any open door.
– In this case you walked on the other side of the road. Have you seen that big building in the center, my friend?
– Yeahh.
– Go there. That’s the deanery. There you will certaintly find the priest. I don’t know if you know, but this is a catholic church. Not an orthodox one.
– I know man. It’s not my first time visiting this type of churches. It’s not a problem for me, but by contrary.
– Okay. Take care than.
It was kind of odd, the guy looked at me after that as if I was a spiritual traitor. I didn’t understand why, but I walked as if nothing happened. When I entered in the deanery I have found myself in a long hall without any lightening. In my mind, in a small place of the brain, the horror movie has just started. I made myself many dark scenarios. I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I couldn’t control my thoughts anymore.
Anyway, I finally found a door in that dark and I knocked at it. I saw a name on the door and I assumed it’s the name of the priest.
– Ja!
– Sorry. I have question. May I visit the church? I tried to enter in the garden but I didn’t find any opened door.
– Ooo, wait a minute please. I’ll send a person who will open that door and who will guide you trough the church.
– Thank you sir.
– Yeah, yeah. His voice didn’t please anybody. He had a rude behavior. He treated me as if I didn’t exist. He even didn’t look me in the eyes when he talked to me. But, on the other side, the women who helped me  see the church was very kind with me. Even though  she didn’t speak romanian very well she tried her best.
She was saxon, the minority who had build all the fortified churches from Burzenland.
– So, my boy, where did you came from?
– From Bucharest ma’am.
– And you came alone from Bucharest just to see the church! She was surprised.
– Yeah ma’am. I heard they are gorgeous and unique.
– This is true. But just by yourself, it surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, but not so many people do what you are doing now.
After this small talk, the lady took me in a room full of paintings. Most of the paintings talked about the communist era, when the town had a big flower greenhouse. It was the biggest greenhouse from around the area.
I didn’t know that. It was a surprinsing story for me. I came for a medieval story and I was surprised by the good memories from the 60’s.
– Ma’am do the people in town think of regret when they think of communism?
– Kind of. The good part was that everybody had a job. Right now the young people go to work in Brașov or abroad. It’s a sad story for our community.
– That’s just for germans or for everybody?
– No, my child! Everyone suffers . Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, none of us escape.
– Ma’am this problem exists in the hole country, you are conscious, right?
– I know, child. That’s why it is a tragic situation.
After this revelations spoken by the lady, she took me in the garden and in the end into the church.
When I stepped from the garden in to the church a cold air blast caught me and passed through my hole body. It was as if an entity possessed me for a second. From the first moment of being in the church a medieval flashback strike me.
It was so strange that I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I didn’t play in my life a cosplay or a medieval game. But my mind created a perfect medieval univers with priests, peasants, knights, kings and queens.
– Isn’t it beautiful? The guide asked me. In that moment I didn’t know what kind of feelings I had. But to be polite I said yes. I didn’t lie. But I didn’t say the hole truth. I was a bit delighted. The walls told me stories from an unknown universe for me. I was skeptical. It was the second time for me in a fortified church , but right now I was more scared than any time.
Probably because right now the guide has let me visit the church all by myself. She stood outside and waited for me to finish the tour. At the beginning I was very happy because she give me some intimacy. But after five minutes of visiting the inside of the church I thought someone is behind me at every step. It was like a horror movie.
From the side door of the church the lady told to me I can visit even the tower if I want. I was so scared. Before she told me that I saw the wooden stairs and I didn’t like how they creaked.
Passing on, all the emotions the experience in Codlea  teaches me a beautiful lesson. Transylvania will never disappoint me. All traditions, history, people and landscapes are heavenly.If you liked the story don’t hesitate to share with you’re friends or family. Support the project, if you think that it deserves. And I invite you to read the next story from Ghimbav or to see the pictures from Transylvania. Take care, my friends!

Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Prejmer (Walk in Niflheim)

It’s said that every journey is a life lesson. That’s very true. Until recently. if I’d have the opportunity to see a place, regardless of season or weather I would go without to many second thoughts.
Eee, sometimes  a tough lesson is important, but it is also a good one. So, here I am, on the first day of the new year, at the -25 degrees, all covered up, in a wagon, heading  nowhere.
Unfortunately all that I’ve got now to see is what was an odd side of Brașov city. Because it was the first day of the year, in the train station there were just the homeless people or the old ones. The train left me in a station that resembled more to an old weak foster care, drained of life, poor and lost.
I felt that I was more in the ”Limbo”, not in a train station.” The first circle of hell”  became my friend. It seemed to be hot in the train station, but it was a sad and smelly heat. Anyway I decided to sit down and read. So I took the book stealth from my backpack and I started reading. I was meant to wait in the train station for many hours. I was lost in these mystic mountains.
Time has passed and next to me a little boy came, a small smuggler. I saw on his face he wanted to rob me, but he was a little scared. I don’t know why, but I was disappointed by his approach. Right now I realized I’m not anymore in Bucharest, the capital seems seems to be like a savanna in comparison with  Brașov.
I left the train station with a strange taste in my mouth and I did a momentum towards the first avenue I’ll see. I was looking for a place to sleep. Even now I don’t know what was in my mind at that time. It was the first day of the year, I wasn’t expecting to find a place to sleep in a city as Brașov!
I’ve lost very much time being lost, staying in that cold weather. It seems as if that was the end of nature. ”Gaia” gave me signs that she will not send another summer anymore. I got lost in three hotel receptions where I revived  my completely frozen veins. But at some point I decided to go at a gas station. I wanted to drink something warm or  to put something in my stomach. The cold drained up all my energy, it brought the primate part of me to light.
Once I sat at a table in the only place alive in Brașov, I started to ask for some indications from the man inside of that place. So he gave me the name of the only hotel which was available in  compassion with my money. Thanks to this experience I’ve learned something important. No matter how hard you keep your principles up and no matter how well intentioned they are, sometimes you have to leave the pride aside and take care of your health.
The next morning, after a happy awakening I had my breakfast at the restaurant of hotel. It was a coquettish one, I loved it. They even had a Swedish buffet full of cakes. Uuu, cakes! After I finished my breakfast I went to the bus station in the west part of the city. Here I have found a driver accompanied by a strange dog.
At the beginning the brown eyes of the dog  examined me from bottom to the top of my body. Later they became my guides in this white cold. However, until I moved my body from that place it took me some time.
When the dog touched his tail on to my body the fear that I had when I saw him gaze at me had disappeared. This lump of heat that I have received from that dog helped me rediscover the abandoned heat that I left at the hotel where I stood. After I-ve spent a few minutes near a metal stove, the driver asked me if I wanted go to the unknown.
That thirty minutes spent on the thread of asphalt ware quiet. I didn’t expect to have any tropical heat in his van, but  I will remember the smell a long time from now on. Because it was a powerful smell of potato rather then a public car. The side windows had frosted over, the steam easily transformed into the veins of ice.
After several stops which ware meant to be bus stations through the mountain town, we finally reached the final destination, Prejmer, the village without people. The end of the road was near to the fortified church, my main objective. The ticket office was a former checkpoint of the medieval fortress. I will remember  a long time from now on the inside of the checkpoint, because outside there were -25 and inside it was like a tropical climate. I think that that stove give out of it minimum 50 degrees, if not more. I felt how my blood snaps in my veins.
I do my traveler duty and buy a ticket, not before stealing heat for my body. Once I went outside from that small room, I was amazed by the courtyard. The architectural style was beautiful and made me speechless. But at the same time the cold air coming from the old walls terrified me in a big way.
Behind me I heard some voices. Their germanic language made me think at the medieval era and at all the atrocities done at that time. My fear disappeared for a few moments when in one of the rooms I have found a ball of fur. A beautiful gray kitten brought my smile again. This little one pushed me to visit the wall from inside. For some minutes I walked through darkness and cold. The wind slowly and loudly went through the boards which were under under my feet. I felt that wind with every step I took.
I was shocked as if I was a dead person. I expected to be embraced by any ghost or vampire at any moment.
Overall, the visit in Prejmer was magnifique. It was one of the best lessons, if not the best lesson of my journey in Romania. Certainly I will not repeat some mistakes from now on, but I do not regret anything. There is no perfect man,and no one not to to err .
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Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Brasov (Parental love)

It’s a pleasure for me to tell you my journey in Romania. Two years ago I’ve decided that from now on I will choose the path of traveling and discovering new cultures instead of a monotonous life. In time my addiction for new lands has grown bigger and bigger with everyday passing by.
My first big plan brought me to Burzenland or as it’s know in Romania ”Țara Bârsei”. I didn’t know where to start from, so I’ve decided that the first city that I would visit will be the first city where I could find a guide. And my luck has brought me to Brașov. It wasn’t my first time there. But now I tried to stay with locals, to understand more about the people from the area. And it was a pleasure, a unique experience which I will never forget.
As the proverb says,”Man consecrates the land’’ this is how the city of Brașov is. I have found everywhere people which talked to me kindly and they allways helped me with guiding and advising.
People from Romania know that the Transylvania region has many good locals. But meeting them in person makes you think ‚”Man, they are so kind”. Is this real or I’m dreaming! ’ Yes, God has also created good people.
As I already said earlier my main reason for choosing Brașov  was related to the fact that I contacted a nice mate who offered to help me see the city like a local. Although at the beging we planed just to visit the city  I got very hungry and I asked him where can I find a nice place to eat. But he insisted to go with him at his parents to eat some warm food. I knew that it was a great idea, but I felted weird. A stranger was so kind with me for nothing. I’m grateful, that’s why I went with him and met his parent. It was at that time the best decision I’ve ever taken in my travels.
– Man let me call my parents to heat the food. I will not let you eat from a shitty fast-food. I will not just leave you like that.
– C’mon man! It was a good day for me. We visited some cool places in Brașov. For Christ’s sake you have finally helped me discover the twine street, but I feel strange to be helped by you so much.
– Don’t worry Adi. I spoke with my parents yesterday about you and your project and they will be happy to meet you. Stay calm my friend.
And so it was, his mother waited us in a little lobby apartment. It was a plesure to see a warm mother who was happier for her guest than for her child. On the other side Dan’s father stood just like an oak in the bedroom door. He didn’t say anything. I was a little bit scared. The man was watching me like a hawk.
– Come, come boys she said. I made for you a good beans soup. I just stopped the fire.
– Aaa, thank you mom! said Dan to his mother.
– Adi do you like beans soup!? If you don’t like it I have something else.
What was I supposed to say? I was starving, I would have eaten anything.
– Thank you ma’am! The soup is perfect. I told Dan I’m hungry and I don’t fuss.
– Ooo. How could you let the boy like this?
– Aaa, we visited the city and after we came here.
– Ma’am, I apologise, but this was my idea. It’s pointless to scold Dan.
– Well, so you would stay outside undernourished?
– No ma’am. We could have found a solution.
– Woman let the boys relax. Can’t you see they are tired?
From that moment the show had a new star, Dan’s father. He gave us a glass of bilberry liqueur and welcomed me to Brașov.
– Adi, my boy, welcome to Brașov! And he drank the liqueur in a second.
I knew that will be a special night right from the moment when I saw him. But I was happy to discover a beautiful character.
At the beginning I’ve found out that Dan’s father was born in Bucharest. He told us about the problems he had with the new ID, but I was surprised because he didn’t complain a second about it. He knew he had half of the fault. But he realized that from now on he must be more careful with his documents. And advised me to do the same.
After the second main course he changed the topic and I got very happy. He told us about his experience in the army.
In the communist era the army was compulsory. So, every man who had 18 years was enrolled and sent nearly a year in the army.
– My boy, the first time after I joined the army I was sent somewhere close to Teleorman. We had the basic training. It wasn’t so bad, although it was the army. I wasn’t anymore at my parents. After the basic training and some free days my company was sent to the Jiu Valley or as it was known among soldiers, ’’ The Weeping Valley’’.
– Why sir? I asked him so shocked.
– Let me tell you a thing. We ware leaving the mine everyday exactly the way you have the blouse, black. Only our teeth could have be seen. It was very hard for us. But we didn’t work just like a real miner. We only helped them.
I remember one day the boss of the mine was giving some indications and a small earthquake started. Nobody was harmed, except for him. He was trapped between two big boulders and I saw how he gave his last breath. The people respected him so they brought him out. Many of the miners died in the mine in that era.
”I see it everytime” he spoked about the mine memories and had a sadness respect on his face.
It was a honor for me to listen untold stories from that period. Because where I was born, this kind of stories don’t exist. And to hear about this things it makes me realize that right now our generation is so, so lucky.
Now, at the end of this story I will let you with some good words said by madame Silvia.
’’My boy, travel, as much as you can. You are young. You don’t have to worry. Because right now you don’t have any obligations or responsibilities. Some of you finished a college. Good for you. But don’t think that right now you are adults and right now you must have a house and stuff. Yes, in time you will have, but now it’s not the time for that. Now you must travel, meet people, make friends, see places, live the moment. Because nobody knows if you will have that chance again. TRAVEL, AS MUCH AS YOU CAN’
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