Adventure in homeland – Burzenland, Sanpetru and Harman (Simple people, but funny people)

In my last experience in the world of fortified churches I experienced three funny moments. This time I tried to visit in just one day two towns. I do that because both of the towns are very close. Between ten kilometers. First stop was in Sânpetru village. I didn’t arrive in town to give up so easy, so I had to waste some time somewhere. But because the place was to small I was looking for anything to do. And when I’m saying anything I mean it. I know, the best option was to go to a hotel bar or a pub. I walked through the village for some time, but I didn’t find anything. It was a little bit frustrating. I’m a jerk if I will say that I was sad, but at that time I just wanted to drink a cup of hot tea with fruits.
After half an hour of walking I said to myself I must ask someone to help me. I entered in a pharmacy and I found two women. At the desk the pharmacist had an odd face. I don’t know why I insist to ask her. Probably because of the clothes. That medical coat made me think I must trust her. She knows things. But after she opened her mouth I realized I’m talking to no one.  Thank God that the other lady in the room was more open-minded than the pharmacist.
– Good morning! Excuse me it’s there any place here where I can drink a glass of wine or a cup of tea?
– Good morning! Aaa, It’s a small wine seller here, but there you can only buy wine, not drink it.
– Noo, ma’am. Sorry, but I have to wait a couple of hours until I can actually visit something and I really want to waste time and drink something. I was very dissapointed, I thought that the transylvanians are  exceptional  romanians, but no one is perfect.
– No, no. He wants to drink at the bar, the other woman said to the pharmacist. Boy if you follow the main road after five hundred meters you will find a place called Bielmann. There is the nicest hotel in town. But  I know there it is more like a restaurant rather than a bar. But if you want to waste time here, that’s your place.
At the first time I avoided her, but than I realized I was a fool. That middle aged women sent me at the best hotel I’ve ever seen.  Already from the entrance I was surprised and amazed. The reception was at the bar. The bartender had to do two jobs. But here, in this small place this wasn’t a hard job. But by contrary it was a pleasure for him, because tourists come rarely and when they came they would have patience.
– Good morning, he welcomed  me having a impecable white shirt.
– Hi! Can I drink here a cup of tea?
– Yes, of course! It will be our pleasure. I was like a small kid at his birthday. I love very much when I’m in a elegant place and I’m treated exactly like I would treat others.
– Thanks mate! Then I want a fruit tea if you have.
– Sure, and after that he went to the espressor and started the hot water. I saw your backpack. You are a traveler I think.
– Yes. Guilty, and after that we laugh. Can you tell me something.
– Of course. What?
– Are there many tourist coming here or is it an underrated place?
– Ooo, I see what you want to know. We have some waves of tourists. But it’s not like in Prejmer or Viscri.
– Understood. My name is Adrian by the way.
– Claudiu. Nice to meet you. And then we had a relaxed conversation. I saw he realised that he can talk with my like a friend, not like a stranger. What brings you here? He asked me.
– I had a plan to visit five fortified churches around Brașov. I was at Prejmer, Codlea, Ghimbav and today I hope I can finish visiting Sânpetru and Hărman.
– Nice. Really nice. Friend can I tell you an advise?
– Please.
– Stay more time alone in the churches and fell the vibe of the walls. Few tourists do that today and they don’t realise what places they visit.
– I will do it, my friend. I’m a traveller , not a tourist. I fell what you want to say. I have the same opinion.
After this good advise Claudiu and I continued to talk more about the bar and restaurant. I was curious to hear the story of this place. He told me that the hotel was build after 90’s by a german dude. And since then the town in summer has many german tourists who come to see the birthplace of their parents or grandparents. It’s like a tradition today for many to came back  every year.
This kind of stories you hear just from locals. That’s why I like to talk with locals. After two hours and a half I said goodbye to Claudiu and I went back on the road.
The second funny moment I had was at a place near the church that I wanted to visit. I was there with my tripod and tried to take a good picture of the church when a gypsy dude came at me and curiously asked me if I do cadastres even for houses. In his lack of knowledge he didn’t realize I’m photographing the church. He associate the tripod with a topographer. I don’t blame him. I answered to him kindly that I’m a photographer and I’m not his solution for his problem.
Than he was a little bit ashamed and he apologized for the mistake. It was a bit funny how happy he was when he saw me. He thought he found God…


Speaking of God. I want to thank Him for all the good people who helped me on my voyage in Burzenland. On my last town in this gorgeous land I couldn’t arrive if He didn’t helped me to find two good men. I was on the road outside the town. Guided by the GPS and looking for a path to Hărman. When suddenly from a hill  two old men came. They tried to push an old Dacia car. But the field was so bad that they couldn’t move  an inch that slow car.
– Hey, boy! Can you help us  move this goddamn car?
– Sure. I will try my best. But you can see I’m not in a good shape.
– Don’t worry kid. In our company you are like a little Hercule.
– Haha! Than I will help you with  true pleasure. One of the elders remained at the wheel and the other one came back with me and we tried to push the blue car. We pushed it for a couple of seconds and finally we’ve put back the car on the road.
– God bless you my son. Thank you for your help.
– It’s my pleasure sir. Take care of you. But before you go. Can you help me with a small information?
– You help me first, so it’s my time now. And he moves his hat back.
– Where must I go to find a path to Hărman?
– Child go on this hill and after 25 minutes you will see the town. First you will see the church.
– That’s tremendous. For the church I’m going there.
The walk on the that hill was an unique experience. It was more like a walk in fairy tails. At every step in the woods I would dream that I see forest creatures. Every little bird was like a little composer. I loved it with my howl spirit I followed the old man’s advise.
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